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We are passionate about creating META experience in Spatial

We plan and design custom spaces in Spatial for virtual meeting, exhibition gallery, conference holl and many other events that may take place on the virtual landscape.

10 best features of our Meta Experience

Available a maximum of 500 people

Spatial has an overflow group function for Spatial+ user. When more than 50 people come to a space, an instance will be created automatically and it allows you to have 500 people ( 50 people per each space and 10 instances ) for your event.

Live Streaming

You can use YouTube LIVE or Zoom streaming along with Spatial event.This is great for beginners in Metaverse. Also, with the streaming, you have host a large event.

Portals can connect multiple spaces

Making spaces is for free in Spatial and you can connect each space by ‘portal’. This can bring users a great meta experience such as traveling different spaces with unique concept

Make a difference in your space

We can create 100% original spaces for you and your guest. Spaceships, forests, underwater, whales, whatever. Setting videos, musics, screen sharing… We’ll make a plan how you can attract audience taking advantage of Spatial’s features.

NFT integration

Spatial supports ethereum, polygon and solana blockchain. You can display these NFTs easily in a space in Spatial. Also, about other chains, hyperlink will help you display and link to the website.

PC users do not need to install the app.

Available in mobile and VR.
PC users can join to Spatial by just clicking invitation link without making Spatial account. Though, we recommend users making an account to have better experience in Spatial.

Screen Share to cast a movie or music video

You can share your PC screen to a space in Spatial. People can enjoy watching movies and dancing with musics.

Token gating

Exclusive access to certain NFT holder can add new value to the community.Nurturing community is one of the keys of successful business.

Web Development / Social media / E-commerce

We can develop websites / E-commerce websites that can match Spatial spaces.You can create a solid bland identiry by integrating them. Also, we can help promote it.

We can collaborate with creators in Spatial.

Spatial is full of talented creators. Illustrators, musicians, architects, web3 creators, etc. We can collaborate with anyone in Spatial if needed.

Creators & Developers

GardenBee, Twitter

Virtual flower shop. Meta Communicator.

GardenBee, Instagram

Virtual flower shop. Meta Communicator.

Max, Instagram

Photographer, Digital Artist and CG Generalist

Max, Website

Photographer, Digital Artist and CG Generalist

Nipas Lapikanont, Website

CEO, 3D Creative Manager

Nipas Lapikanont, Facebook

CEO, 3D Creative Manager

Nil, Website

WordPress developer

Nil, Facebook

WordPress developer

Kaori Kajita, Twitter

Presentation Voice Trainer,Butter Toast Critic

Kaori Kajita, Website

Presentation Voice Trainer,Butter Toast Critic

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