Garden Bee

GardenBee is a digital flower shop in Spatial. We’re experimenting lots of things using the shop such as optimizing 3D models, acquiring prospect customers, connecting with social media and e-commerce stores etc.

Show gratitude with flowers in the Metaverse

We make various kinds of flowers and you can download them on our web shop. Once a quarter, we hold a flower market at Spatial where you can see and download unique flowers for free. Follow us on Twitter and don’t miss it!

With the portal function in Spatial, users can travel to other spaces. We created a space where users can go around inside the flower. It’s a new and unique experience.

Mother's Day 2022

Thank you to everyone who came to the limited space on Mother's Day in 2022. Although I had a plan for a virtual flower shop, I couldn't open it easily, but within a week of deciding to open it, I created a Spatial space and was able to open this online shop as well.

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Garden Bee News


July 25, 2022

RVT CENTER (イノベーションセンター) 見学会 / RVT CENTER TOUR

FRIDAY, 5 AUGUST 2022 AT 20:00 UTC+08


July 10, 2022

New Space ‘Co-Machi’ launched and involved in PolygonShowcase


japan's endangered flowers

japan's endangered flowers


June 18, 2022

7/9/2022 : Wild grasses and flowers Exhibition, starting on July 9.

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