About Us


Expand the possibilities of Metaverse, Web3 in business fields.


Freelance creators in the Philippines can expand business opportunities

We’ll create a new business opportunity for Filipino 3DCG creators working in the Philippines. We’ll try to increase values made by Filipinos and avoid from underestimating their creation.

Japanese companies will strengthen their competitive advantage through the use of Metaverse.

We’ll experiment application of metaverse that is useful for Japanese companies to be competitive.

Contributing to the local community by creating high-value businesses together

We’ll set aside 1% of our sales and will donate it to people who are devastated by natural disaster in the Philippines when it happens. This is our responsibility when we work with them.

Meet The Team

Haruyo Ono

Haruyo Ono

Business marketer at WebRocket, Inc. We’ll create new ideas in metaverse for Japanese companies.

Shinichi Misao

Subject matter expert of industrial field. In charge of planning and accounting.


Business English expert. In charge of administrative support.


WordPress developer with more than 7 years of experience both backend and front end development.


Photographer, Digital Artist and CG Generalist working in the creative field for more than 3 years.

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